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Dr Kanan Purkayastha

BSc(Hons) MSc (CU) MSc(Cranfield) PhD(Bristol) MRSC CChem



Dr Kanan Purkayastha is a Chartered Scientist, Chartered Chemist, environmentalist, educationist and a writer in Britain. He studied and trained in Sweden, Japan, Thailand, Bangladesh and Britain. He is currently working as a  Scientific Advisor and Lead Officer for the UK Government. He is also working as Climate Reality Leader for Climate Reality Project chaired by former US Vice President Al Gore. Other concurrent position includes Visiting Faculty member of the UWE. He regularly writes scientific columns for the Daily Observer, the Asian Age, the Daily Sun and other publications.

Previously he held several appointments in academia, industries and government department both in Britain and abroad. He was a visiting research scholar at Kyoto University, Japan and a guest lecturer at Nagoya University in Japan. He was a Module Leader for Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Sciences at University Centre, Weston (UCW), where he delivered the University of West of England degree programmes. He also worked as an Examiner for the University of West of England, Bristol. He held the position of Professor of Chemistry in City College and Cadet College.

Dr Purkayastha’s research interests are focused on the mathematical and chemical understanding of the environment surrounding us. His research ranges from the envirometrics and the reality of data to the understanding of the atmospheric chemistry, air, land and water pollution and environmental health. Climate change and environmental pollution problem, management of land, air and water pollution are some of his research interests. Dr Purkayastha’s research also has expanded in the area of natural philosophy and the philosophy of science. Recently he has conducted research on 'quantum mechanics, neuroscience and human consciousness' and delivered a lecture at Oxford University on this issue. His philosophical writing has appeared in the Oxford University Philosophical Journal 'The Review' and Indian philosophical journals such as “Udbodhan”. He has an interest in educational research mainly focused on scientific literacy and science education.


In addition to his research, Dr Purkayastha is also known as science communicator, writer and a musician. He has published several popular science books and regularly writes scientific and general features and column in different newspaper, magazine and journals. His articles have been published from Britain, Bangladesh and India. Dr Purkayastha is also known as a critic and plays several Indian musical instruments.

Dr Purkayastha belongs to several professional bodies. He is a member and CChem from the Royal Society of Chemistry, Chartered Scientist from the Science Council, elected as a Fellow of the Institution of Environmental Sciences in 2010, member of the Institute of air quality management and elected as a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society in 2016. As a writer, he is members of the English Pen, Royal Society of Literature and Association of British Science Writer. Recently he has been elected as a Member of the Oxford Philosophical Society and become FRSA from the Royal Society of Arts.

Dr Purkayastha has received several awards and research grants, such as the British Chevening Award, SIDA award from Sweden, ODA award from Thailand and JICA award from Japan, a university research grant from Bristol University, UK and Kyoto University, Japan and a leadership award for the public understanding of science from the USA.

Dr Purkayastha has appeared on BBC radio and BBC Television. He has also been interviewed by a Swedish newspaper the “Gefle Dagblad” , interviewed by Delhi Durdorshan on world earth day and NTV Europe. He has also written several scripts for Radio.


Travelling around the world and to observe the places of scientific and literary importance is one of his interests. Taking photographs of rare events in nature such as “Salfatara” in Italy or “mount Vesuvius” is also his interest.

Indian music is one of his interests. He plays different musical instrument and creates different tune through the synthesis of eastern and western musical notes.

Writing scientific and literary articles has given him the opportunity to become a member of the English Pen and Royal Society of Literature. 

Engaging the community to resolve the different environmental problem is one of many interests. Because of his community activities he was elected as local Councillor and served last several years (2011-2015). He also served as a Governor of local public school in the UK.


Kyoto University, Japan
Kyoto University, Japan
Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge
Crowley, Max Planck Institute, Germany
Frankfurt Book Fair, Germany
Frankfurt Book Fair, Germany
Humbolt University, Berlin
University of Venice, Venice
London Book Fair
London book fair with a Brazilian Author at English Pen event
Joined as Climate Reality Leader in Berlin
With the Director of Max Planck Institute Prof Jos Lelieveld
Interview with NTV Europe in London
In Oxford University
With current President of the Royal Society of Chemistry Sir John Holman
With Dame Mary Archer, professor of Chemistry at Cambridge University and Chairman of the Science Museum
Interviewed by NTV EUROPE on 28 September 2018 about global warming and climate change
With Dr Harsh Vardhan, Science and Technology, Environment and climate change Minister for India on 8 October 2018
Chairing a Technical session in Lucknow Science literature festival in India on 07 October 2018
Kolkata Science Festival
Chaired a session in Lucknow, India on 7 October 2018
Delivering a lecture in science literature and film festival in Lucknow, India on 7 October 2018
Delivering a lecture at Oxford University on 17-18 August 2019
Delivering a lecture at Oxford University on 17-18 August 2019
Delivering a lecture at Oxford University on 17-18 August 2019
Delivering a lecture at Oxford University on 17-18 August 2019
Royal Society of Chemistry
Dr Kanan Purkayastha